Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) contractors are an essential part that should not be neglected in the construction of office buildings and various other types of buildings. Why is that? It’s because the services they provide are crucial in ensuring a faster completion of the construction process. Moreover, it is also related to various important roles they play.

They carry out installation processes for electrical systems, ranging from residential buildings to skyscrapers.

They handle the installation processes for electrical systems, such as fire alarm systems, telephone networks, internet connections, sound systems, and various other components.

They handle the installation processes for various types of machinery found within buildings, including water pumps used to distribute water in all directions.

They handle the installation processes for air conditioning systems. This component is typically installed in the ceiling area using a ducting system.

They handle the installation processes for fire protection systems, such as fire hydrants and fire sprinklers, which are crucial for protecting the building.


PT. ARTOMORO PODO JOYO is a company that provides civil construction services in Indonesia. Our services include:

Exterior: Facade maintenance (painting, waterproofing, grouting, sealant, and glass cleaning).
Piling work.
Foundation construction.
Roof framework construction and maintenance.
Concrete installation.
Steel construction and maintenance.
Interior: Kitchen set, living room design.

We have been engaged in this business for over 10 years and have built a strong reputation for delivering quality services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We are committed to achieving excellence through continuous improvement by implementing best practices in our processes and business systems.

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